Bahrain PCC

Bahrain PCC

Bahrain PCC is an official document issued by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Bahrain, certifying that the applicant has no criminal record within the country. PCC serves as a critical document for various international purposes, validating a clean background and ensuring eligibility for immigration, employment, and other official procedures. A minimum period of stay is required to get a Bahrain PCC, usually it is 6 months. First Entry and Last exit stamp is also required for issuing Bahrain PCC. 

Documents Required for Bahrain PCC

  • Fingerprint card
  • Visa Stamping page
  • Passport Copy
  • Passport size photo

Purpose of Bahrain PCC


  • Visa and Immigration: Many countries demand a PCC to ensure a person’s background is clear before granting a visa or entry permit.
  • Employment and Licensing: Employers and licensing authorities may require a PCC to assess an individual’s suitability for employment or professional licensing.
  • Education and Study Abroad: Educational institutions may request a PCC from international students to ensure a secure learning environment.
  • Residence and Citizenship: Obtaining a PCC is often necessary for individuals applying for permanent residency or citizenship in foreign countries, validating their clean background.


How Leaves International can help

Leaves International specializes in assisting with Bahrain PCC applications. Our experienced team understands the specific requirements and procedures set by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

To obtain your Bahrain PCC, we will provide you with the application form and guide you to get your fingerprints and full palm prints affixed on it from the fingerprint bureau.

We guide you through the entire application process, ensuring accurate documentation and timely submission. With our reliable and efficient service, we aim to make the process hassle-free for you. Trust Leaves International to handle your PCC requirements professionally, helping you establish a clean background and ensuring a smooth journey in your international pursuits. Contact us today and simplify your Bahrain PCC application process.


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