MOE Equivalency UAE

MOE UAE Equivalency

MOE equivalency for UAE is a process provided by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to assess and recognize the educational qualifications obtained from institutions outside the UAE.

Through this process, the MOE evaluates the academic credentials, such as degrees, diplomas, and certificates, and determines their equivalence to UAE standards. The MOE equivalency is essential for individuals seeking employment, further education, or professional licensing in the UAE, as it ensures the legitimacy and validity of their foreign qualifications in the country. 

To ensure the recognition of certificates issued by Universities outside the UAE, it’s important to submit all the necessary documents and information to the higher education department, as specified. Failing to provide the required documents or complete the necessary information may result in the rejection of the application, and the fees paid will not be refunded.

Documents Required for MOE Equivalency UAE

  • Original educational certificates and transcripts
  • A passport copy of the applicant
  • Passport copy of the spouse (for married female applicants)
  • Passport size photographs
  • Application form 
  • Attestation from Country of origin

How Leaves International can help

At Leaves International, we take the burden off your shoulders by providing end-to-end assistance for the Ministry of Education (MOE) UAE equivalency process on behalf of our customers. We will verify the completeness of your submission and ensure that all necessary information is provided. 

We will help you obtain the university transcripts, get the required attestations for your documents, and apply for MOE equivalency with all the required documents.

With Leaves International as your dedicated partner, you can trust that your MOE equivalency application is in capable hands. Our pan-India presence allows you to avail of our services from any of our offices across the country. Let us handle the complexities of the MOE equivalency process while you focus on your future endeavors.


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