Translation Service

Translation Services

Document translation, especially in the form of certified translation, plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless communication across international borders. Certified translation involves the accurate translation of certificates from one language to another.

Translation services for migration and work abroad involve converting important documents from one language to another without changing the meaning. When you plan to move to another country or work overseas, you may need to submit your documents in the language of that country.

Document Translation services help ensure that your documents are accurately translated, making it easier to communicate and meet the requirements of immigration authorities, employers, and educational institutions in the foreign countries.

Here are some of the commonly translated documents for Migration

  • Educational Certificates: For admission to foreign universities or to meet educational requirements for work.
  • Employment Documents: Including experience certificates and employment contracts for job applications.
  • Marriage Certificates: To register a marriage in a foreign country or for spousal visa applications.
  • Birth Certificates: For family visa applications or to prove identity.
  • Medical Reports: For medical visa applications or to meet health requirements for work abroad.
  • Power of Attorney: Translated to enable individuals to appoint representatives in foreign countries for legal or business purposes.
  • Driver’s Licenses: Required for individuals intending to drive in a foreign country, especially if the license is not in a widely recognized language.
  • Divorce Decrees: Translated for legal proceedings or to establish marital status when dealing with matters related to family law in another jurisdiction.

These certificate translation are essential for verifying your eligibility and complying with the regulations of the destination country. Certified translation services can accurately translate these documents, ensuring they are legally recognized and accepted by the relevant authorities.


How Leaves International can help you with translation service

At Leaves International, we provide reliable and efficient certified translations and  translate your official documents at fastest turnaround time. We have a pan India presence and offer document pick-up and drop facility for your convenience, making the translation process hassle-free. Whether you need translation services for migration, work abroad, education, or any other purpose, Leaves International is here to assist you with professional and prompt services. 


Leaves International excels with fast turnaround, affordability, responsive customer support, and secure document handling. Our commitment to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and transparent communication ensures a seamless translation experience for you.

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