University Transcripts

Transcripts are formal records detailing the subjects studied, along with the grades and marks received in each. These are typically issued by universities, so it’s also called as University Transcripts. Other names of transcripts are Marksheets / Mark List / Grade Card / Report Card / Academic Certificate / Transcript of Records (TOR) / Cumulative Record File (CRF). There are two types of transcripts: Personal Transcripts and Official Transcripts.


What is Academic Transcripts.?


Transcripts act as proof of education. It contains an in-depth record of every course you have taken, arranged chronologically alongside your academic institution’s grades or marks.


A certificate of academic transcript often includes details about Information on the courses completed, the grades received, the credit hours accrued, and any degrees earned. With the use of this certificate, employers, educational organizations, and students can all evaluate a student’s abilities and classroom performance.


What is the Difference Between Official and Personal Transcripts?

  • Official Transcript:

    This is an authenticated document directly issued by your institution. It usually bears a registrar’s signature and an official seal. This is the preferred version for applications like graduate school admissions or employment requiring verification of your academic record.

  • Personal Transcript:

    This is an unofficial copy of your transcript that you may be able to access and print through your school’s online portal. While it can provide a quick reference for yourself, it won’t be accepted for official purposes.


Use of Transcripts

A transcript certificate is a record of a student’s academic qualifications, including courses, subjects, grades, and important details like the student’s name, school, and education board.

Many students who intend to apply to a college or university abroad must submit a transcript certificate and other supporting documentation to the admissions committee. This certificate certifies the student’s educational achievements and confirms their eligibility for various programs they wish to pursue. The certificate identifies whether the student finished an undergraduate or postgraduate program.


List of Documents Required for Transcript Requests

While specific requirements may differ, some institutions might ask for:

  1. Valid photo ID
  2. Proof of enrollment or alumni status
  3. Completed transcript request form

Time / Duration to get  Transcripts 

The university that issued the transcripts determines how long it will take to obtain them. It can take up to sixty days for some of the bigger public universities to provide them. The university uses a laborious manual verification procedure, which is the cause. In order to produce the transcript in the required format, they take out their students’ paper-based records. With the implementation of student ERP systems in many colleges, transcripts are now verified and sent more quickly usually within two to three weeks. To enable students to make plans well in advance, it is best to inquire with the issuing university.


How Leaves International can help on your Academic Transcripts.?

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