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UK NARIC, the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom, is a government-designated organization responsible for providing information, advice, and expert opinion on qualifications from across the globe. Established to support the recognition and comparability of international qualifications in the UK, It offers a range of services to individuals, educational institutions, employers, and government bodies. These services include the evaluation and recognition of foreign qualifications, assessment of language proficiency, and guidance on international education systems. Through its extensive database and network of experts, UK NARIC plays a pivotal role in facilitating access to education, employment, and professional opportunities for individuals with overseas qualifications in the UK.

If you have obtained an international qualification and wish to have it recognized in the UK, you can use Naric certificate process to obtain an official statement of comparability that confirms the UK equivalence of your qualification. UK NARIC assesses and provides equivalency certificates to a minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s Degree.


The process for obtaining a statement of comparability involves the following steps:

  • Start by visiting the official website to explore the available services and determine which one(s) you need.
  • Determine which type of statement of comparability you require. There are several services offered by UK NARIC, including the Basic Statement of Comparability, the Statement of Comparability for Work Purposes, and the International Qualification Check. Each service has different requirements and fees.
  • Submit your application and required documents. Copies of your educational documents, such as transcripts and certificates, as well as proof of your identity, will be required.
  • You must pay the appropriate fee. UK NARIC charges different fees depending on the type of statement of comparability you need.
  • Await the completion of the evaluation process. Your application and documentation will be reviewed by UK NARIC to determine whether your qualifications are equivalent to those in the UK.
  • You will receive your UK NARIC statement of comparability. Once the evaluation is complete, UK NARIC will issue an official statement that outlines the UK equivalence of your qualifications and English Proficiency.

Type of UK NARIC Services and processing time

  • Normal UK Naric Process: Takes 10-15 working days

  • UK Naric Fast track Process : 48 hours or 24 hours

The fees for normal and UK Naric Fast track service will vary. Contact us for more details.

If you wish to pursue your career in the UK,  UK NARIC/ Ecctis (National Academic Recognition Centre) recognition supports you in furthering your academic and career prospects in the UK.  It is the authorized National agency under contract to the Department of Education to recognize and compare international qualifications and skills. Our fast-paced service fulfills your UK NARIC/Ecctis process within time.

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