WES Verification

WES Verification

What is WES Verification?

WES stands for World Education Services, is an organization that provides credential evaluation services to foreign students and immigrants seeking to study or work in Canada or the Unites States. WES evaluates educational credentials against Canadian and American standards, providing assessment reports to help individuals navigate the education and employment opportunities.

Why is WES Evaluation preferred?

Choosing WES Evaluation offers several advantages. WES has a strong reputation for accuracy and recognition by educational institutions and employers. Their expertise in evaluating foreign credentials ensures a reliable and trusted evaluation of your educational qualifications. Another reason WES is preferred is due to its fast processing.

Different types of WES reports

WES offers different types of evaluation reports, such as the Document by Document report and Course by Course report. These reports provide detailed assessments of your educational credentials, depending on the level of detail required by educational institutions or employers.

How to apply for WES Evaluation

To apply for WES,  you need to create an account on the WES  official website, submit the required documents, and pay the evaluation fee. The process involves sending your educational transcripts and other relevant documents to WES for evaluation. Here in Leaves International, our knowledgeable professionals will take care of the entire process / WES verification for you from beginning to end.

How much WES process cost

The cost of WES varies depending on the type of report and additional services required and the university. We recommend you to contact us for more accurate details regarding the cost and time required to process.

How long it takes to complete the WES Verification

WES can complete the credential evaluation in 35 business days from the date of receipt of all the required documents and payment. It’s important to note that if additional research, correspondence, or verification is required, it may extend the processing time. To complete the WES assessment on time, it is advisable to initiate as early as possible and submit all the required documents as per the guidelines. Contact Leaves International for seamless WES processing.

How Leaves International can help

Our experienced professional team assists you with the right WES process and completes your evaluation from all universities easily with no hindrances. We handle your documents with at most care ensuring your evaluation is completed efficiently. Our professional team will keep you updated about the process guarantee the process is conducted within specified timeframe.
We are bound to conduct every process within time and with thousands of satisfied clientele, we are moving forward with success.

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