CES Verification

CES Verification

CES (Comparative Education Service) verification has been designated by IRCC dedicated to providing credential evaluation services for individuals who have completed their education outside of Canada. CES evaluates educational credentials and provides reports that help individuals showcase the equivalency of their education in Canada.

Why is CES verification required? 

CES verification reports are often required by immigration authorities, educational institutions, and employers in Canada. These reports help in determining the Canadian equivalency of your educational qualifications, enabling you to pursue further education, gain employment opportunities, or apply for immigration purposes.

Who needs CES?

CES verification are beneficial for individuals who have completed their education outside of Canada and are seeking recognition and validation of their educational credentials in the Canadian context. This includes international students, immigrants, professionals, and individuals applying for various educational and employment opportunities in Canada.


What documents are required?

To initiate the CES verification process, you will need to submit your original educational documents, including academic transcripts, diplomas, degrees, and any other relevant certificates. These documents should be issued by the respective educational institutions you attended.

How Leaves International can  help?

At Leaves International, we provide comprehensive assistance with CES verification. Our experienced team guides you through the entire process, ensuring accurate and timely submission of your documents. We handle the documentation, communication with CES, and ensure that your evaluation is completed efficiently.

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