ERES Evaluation

Simplified ERES Evaluation for Nurses

ERES stands for Educational Records Evaluation Services. It is a credential evaluation service, which helps Non-US educated individuals to receive the US equivalency of their studies. ERES Evaluation offers numerous benefits to individuals seeking to improve their educational and professional opportunities as well as easing the immigration and visa process.

ERES credential evaluation report serves various purposes, including:

  • Admission and Academic Credit Transfer
  • Professional License Application
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Immigration/Visa Requirements

ERES evaluation also helps educational institutions, employers, and immigration authorities understand and recognize the value and comparability of the foreign credentials. The ERES evaluation report is recognized by numerous US agencies, licensing boards, employers and educational institutions adding value to it.


Documents required for ERES Evaluation

The Original transcripts or mark sheets and degree certificates. If the original documents are not in English, a qualified translation of the documents is necessary.

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Why ERES Evaluation is required for Nurses

The United States is facing a shortage of registered nurses and healthcare professionals, creating huge demand for internationally educated nurses. This opens great opportunities for Indian nurses who seek better career options abroad. To work in the US as a registered nurse these are the process involved

  • Valid Nursing Registration in India
  • At least two years of working experience
  • ERES Evaluation
  • Clearing English proficiency tests
  • Obtaining licensure from NCLEX
  • Clearing Visa and Immigration process

How Leaves International can help you

Leaves International is a one stop solution for all your ERES needs. We offer expert assistance in the ERES evaluation, ensuring a hassle-free evaluation of your documents from all Indian Universities. With our professional team, your evaluation is handled efficiently and within the specified timeframe.  Our services include:

  • Seamless guidance through the ERES process
  • Careful handling of your documents
  • Timely updates and communications
  • Commitment to meeting deadlines


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