PEBC Verification

PEBC Verification

PEBC Verification refers to the process of verifying the credentials and qualifications of internationally educated pharmacists or pharmacy technicians. Canada is the desired land of everyone to pursue a fascinating career.  If you are a pharmacist who dreams to migrate to Canada, you need to get certified by The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC).

There are several steps involved in PEBC verification

  • Document Evaluation
  • Evaluating Examination
  • Documentary Evidence
  • Language Proficiency
  • Qualifying Exam


How Leaves International can help you in PEBC verification

Leaves International can help you with PEBC verification by providing the following services:

  • Document Attestation: Assisting with the attestation of personal documents required for PEBC verification.
  • Document Verification: Meticulously verifying the accuracy and completeness of your submitted documents.
  • Credential evaluation assistance: Offering guidance and support in obtaining the necessary credential evaluation for your pharmacy education.
  • Educational transcripts and licensing: Assisting in obtaining educational certificate transcripts and licenses from your educational institutions and professional regulatory bodies.



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