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HRD Attestation Services

HRD Attestation is a State level attestation performed on Educational Documents from the concerned state where the certificate is issued. The HRD (Human Resource Development)  is responsible for verifying and authenticating educational certificates and degrees obtained by individuals. This attestation is mandatory for educational documents when individuals plan to pursue further education or seek employment abroad.

HRD attestation Procedure


The HRD attestation procedure typically involves the following steps:

  1. University Verification: PSV (Primary Source Verification) is done by the concerned University or Board where the certificate is issued to verify the genuineness of the certificate. 
  2. HRD Attestation: Once the University verification is complete, the document is submitted at State  HRD department. They attests the documents by placing an official seal  after verification. This attestation confirms the authenticity of the educational certificates.
  3. Additional Attestation: After HRD attestation, the educational certificate is submitted at Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for further attestations. 

How Leaves International can help

We are a reputable attestation agency in Kochi dedicated to assisting students in successfully completing the HRD attestation process. We offer a range of services to simplify your HRD attestation process.

  • Collection and verification of all required documents.
  • Handling the HRD attestation process, including document submission and co ordination with the state HRD department.
  • Obtaining necessary seals and stamps for HRD attestation.
  • Assistance with additional attestations like MEA or embassy attestation if required.
  • Timely updates provided to keep clients informed throughout the entire process.

With our expertise and streamlined procedures, we ensure a hassle-free experience for our clients.  

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