Oman PCC

Oman Police Clearance

What is Oman Police Clearance Certificate


A  Oman Police Clearance Certificate or Oman PCC is a crucial document issued to residents of Oman who have resided in the country for over a year. This PCC certificate is issued by Oman Police and is attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Oman. The purpose of the  Oman PCC is to assess an individual’s past actions and determine if they have been involved in any criminal activities that could pose a threat to the country or its residents. 

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Documents Required for Oman Police Clearance

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Visa Stamped page
  • Copy of Oman ID (not mandatory)
  • One Passport size photograph

The issuance of a police clearance certificate serves the purpose of safeguarding the country from illegal activities and potential risks. It helps prevent the entry of individuals who may pose a threat to national security. The police authority responsible for issuing the PCC conducts a thorough background check to ascertain if the applicant has been involved in any criminal operations within the country.

Purpose of Obtaining Oman PCC

  • Employment: Many employers require a Police Clearance as part of their background screening process for job applicants.
  • Migration: When planning to migrate to another country, an Oman PCC may be required to demonstrate good conduct and lack of criminal history.
  • Residence visa: Some countries may request an Oman Police Clearance as part of the visa application process for individuals planning to reside there.
  • Higher education: Universities and educational institutions abroad may require an Oman PCC as part of the admissions process for international students from Oman.
  • Business establishment: When starting a business overseas, an Oman Police Clearance may be necessary to establish the applicant’s good character and compliance with the law.

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