How can do ECA for Canada | Educational Credential Assessment

How can do ECA for Canada | Educational Credential Assessment
March 21, 2024arun

How can do ECA for Canada | Educational Credential Assessment

What is the Educational Credential Assessment

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is an important process and is required for individuals who have obtained their Degree & Diploma education outside of Canada and are seeking to immigrate, study, or work in Canada.

Popular Canada ECA – Educational Credential Assessment

1. WES – World Educational Standards (Read more on WES)

2. ICAS – International Credential Assessment Services (Read more on ICAS)

3. ICES International Credential Evaluation Services (Read more on ICES)

4. CES – Comparative Education Service (Read more on CES)

4. IQAS – International Qualifications Assessment Service (Read more on IQAS)

How to Do Educational Credential Assessment

ECA is a manual process, you can do it online & offline. But all universities follow similar procedures for online & offline. ECA process time is also different few universities are taking much time. Please check out the steps below:-

  1. Find your requirement (Applicable Assessment / Time of Completion)
  2. Register
  3. Fill up the form and submit
  4. Upload documents/certificate
  5. Submit & Payment (After submission we got a user ID)
  6. Then, we need to submit original documents/copies to universities.
  7. Universities will collect & verify our documents.
  8. After that universities will forward the report to the council
  9. Then, the council verify your certificate/documents
  10. After verification, they will share an equivalency report with you & IRCC (Canadian Government).

Type of Certificates to Apply for ECA

  • Diploma Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Masters Certificate
  • PG Diploma

Duration of ECA – Popular Services (Educational Credential Assessment)

The completion time for each ECA process varies depending on the university. Consider this timeframe when choosing an institution, as it might impact your application timeline.

WES Duration is 35 Days (Normal)

ICAS Duration is 6-8 Months (Normal)

ICES Duration is 3-5 Months (Normal)

CES Duration is 4-5 Months (Normal)

IQAS Duration is 3-4 Months (Normal)

The listed durations are estimates only. The actual processing time may vary and could take several additional days depending on the university’s internal procedures.*

Which ECA is faster.?


Which ECA Lowest Cost.?


Most preferred ECA service.?


Which ECA is slower.?


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