ICES Verification

ICES Credential Evaluation Service

ICES (International Credential Evaluation Service) is designated by IRCC to evaluating and verifying educational credentials obtained outside Canada. Their evaluations provide a crucial understanding of the value and equivalency of foreign educational qualifications.

Who Requires ICES Verification? 

If you are an immigrant aspiring to pursue higher education or employment opportunities in Canada, ICES evaluation is often a necessary step. It helps educational institutions and employers assess the worth of your foreign educational credentials.


What are the documents needed for ICES evaluation

To apply for ICES, we need the color copies of the following documents: govt issued identity proof (valid passport), front and back of each degree final certificates, front and back of each academic transcripts. if your educational certificates are in foreign language, copies of literal certified translations into English.

How Leaves International can help? 


We offer Quality Services:
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What we do:
We assist you in all the university verification services for completing the ECA evaluation from all the universities across India.  We will take care of necessary document submission requirements, including academic transcripts, degree certificates, diplomas, and other relevant documents. The university related activities are fully taken care of by us without our clients feeling any burden. Ours is a secured service and hence your documents are completely safe in our hands.

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